Saturday, March 19, 2011

Irish Luck

Alright, once again it has been a while since my last post - but I come bearing loads of news and updates! Let's see - first, I was lucky enough to make my way out to Hawaii for the Great Aloha Run! Now, just to clarify, I was only able to make the trip happen thanks to a very generous loan to pay for my tickets, my willingness to play the "game" of stand-by flights, the great connections Brandon and Chantelle have in Hawaii, and the great generosity of David Carlsson! It really was an amazing race and a great trip. Now I just have to wait for the race winnings to come in and sign them over to pay back the loan - oh sad face.

After my fun filled/free adventure in Hawaii (which you can read about here: ), I ventured back to Michigan (and the snow) just in time to drive to Canada to run the Really Chilly 10k in my hometown (London, Ontario). My legs felt pretty sluggish on the Friday and Saturday leading into the race, but I was able to run pretty relaxed and keep my finishing time under the embarrassment line - 35:17 - not a PR by any means, but heck, I'll take it. It really was a fun event - Steve hooked me up and my baby sister (well not so baby at all anymore) saved my bum by volunteering to help out on the race course. I was able to warm up with Brandon, and cool down with Leslie Sexton - it was nice to chat with someone else who is switching up their training (though she is focusing on some shorter stuff, and I am entering her world of higher mileage).

From the Really Chilly I went back to Michigan for a week of classes before heading to Chattanooga for my Spring break - to be spent running, searching for apartments, and testing the waters about my future employment. The week started out really well - with a 16 miler where I started out running up Ruby Falls on Lookout mountain, ran back down, and then continued to run all the way back to Red Bank (, a workout on my favourite loop by the golf course, and a meeting with the C.O.W.S. The week came to a bit of a slump as my legs (well my hips and pelvis really) started to become really bothersome and begging for some sort of physio, and the apartment search was kinda cruddy. Despite the low points, the trip was great and I definitely enjoyed being back in Chattanooga. While down there I was fortunate enough to be the first of Brandon's uncut interviews for his new website - check it out (and the interview

And now we are caught up to this week! After taking Sunday and Monday off completely, I still felt really sore and just tired in general. I tried most every trick I know, but am thinking I might have to suck it up and try to move some funds around and find a place that gives discounted massages. I felt ok running Tues-Thurs, but then ended up taking Friday off again because of the lack of sleep I had on Thurs (not from St. Patty's day I assure) and the very busy day I had on Friday, that left me starving and irritable at 7pm. Despite the crud of the week I had, I was pre-registered to do the Irish Jig, and decided to go ahead and giver a try - Coach Dave tells me from time to time that sometimes it just takes a race to knock the junk out of your body - I certainly hope it did the trick! I ended up second with a 17:22, not nearly a time I wanted - but considering I raced horribly there last year (18 something) and the super chilly morning, I'll take it! I'm just hoping my body feels recovered for next week's 30k race in Hamilton.

Finally, I have decided it is finally time that I post a link to my fundraiser page - I have been sending it out to small groups of people I know well (via facebook and email), and have raised a grand total of $1. I am hoping that maybe someone will click on the link and be willing to forfeit their $5 footlong and help a girl out. At first I was a little embarrassed to have this link viewable to those who don't really know me personally and who don't really know my entire background and how hard it is for me to ask for help, but I have decided that there really is nothing to be ashamed of - I've made it this far on my own and have pinched every penny I have and have exhausted every other option (including donating plasma (which might be part of the reason why my body feels like mud these days - did you know if your little like me, you only get $30 bucks a pop for your first five visits, and then it drops to $15?! don't get me wrong, I'm not going to turn down 15 bucks). I am hoping for some last minute Irish Luck and hope that someone out there can provide a little help or at least send my link along to someone who can!

Anyways, that is all I want to say about that! I hope that this entry has caught you all up on my last month of craziness - next up - the 30k!

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