Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back at it

Ok, so classes are officially underway - I have been reading, making notes, been called on (most of the time I knew the answer... oops), tried to minimize the amount of time I spend surfing the web, and ... I already feel like I am ready for Spring Break.

Training has been going fairly well - if I ignore the freezing temperatures and poor footing that has forced me indoors onto the treadmill and that I have been sick this last week (the sickest I can remember being since before having my tonsils out). I know that it probably would do me well to take a day or two off and actually kick this thing, but it seems that the only time I can actually breathe is when I am running. That being said, I do think I am on the other end of it, and was able to get on the indoor track last night and have a fairly decent workout. 3x1200, 6x400 (though I cut down the 4s to 4x400 - for two reasons 1) the back of my left knee has been really tight and by the 3rd 400 most of my left leg was tingling; 2) There were tons of kids on the track for a community club workout, and I was tired of zig-zagging around them.)
Anyways, training.... it is going well. I am adjusting to doing long runs again (after almost a year of never going longer than 1hr) and am hoping that in a couple more weeks, my legs won't feel so tired for my Monday workouts.

I have finally set a race schedule - which I am hoping to stick to (and not add in a bunch of races like I did this Fall). I have agreed to run in the Canadian Half Marathon Championships in April! I am excited to run a half after actually focusing my training for the longer stuff. I am still just barely hitting more than 50 miles a week, but am hoping that my cross-training and quality over quantity training plan will serve me well in the next few months. I'm sure at some point Dave Mills will start adding on some more miles to my weekly training, but I am still focused on just remaining healthy until the end of May- marking a 1 year anniversary!

I'm guessing today would be a fail in terms of limiting my web surfing while at school - blerg... I like to think that I was still being productive =P

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